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It’s been 83 days…

It has been 83 days since my last update on the sinister shadows project.

It is amazing the things that can transpire in the course of just three months.

I promised one of these days I’m going to make a large update and explain the State of the Union to everyone….

From my long-term plan, to the failed fundraising event… I have a lot to share!

But in the meantime, here is a very quick update and another peek at a character we are developing for the haunted house ride.

As you can probably tell, this character is going to be a woman!

Obviously… It’s going to take some custom tailoring of clothing to fit her… Capacious body.

One thing I will tell everybody, while my long-term plans are unchanged… there are some business opportunities I have come across that might take me on a little bit of a side trip.

I will keep everyone updated as much as possible. Tell then…

Stay spooky, Chris


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