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While I was driving.,, deep thoughts.

I guess this is a bit of a depressing thought…

I had the misfortune of driving to a meeting today. It was two hours away.

I don’t listen to music, I just think while I drive.

So, while I was pondering the future of my haunted house ride… Wondering if it will ever happen… Wondering if perhaps I might take my ideas I have to the grave… I started thinking, “It’s just a freaking haunted house! If you die and your haunted house idea dies with you… The world isn’t going to be any different. It’s not like I had the cure for cancer in my grasp!”

But then that got me thinking….

What IF I had the cure for cancer? What if there was some gift I had to make the world a better place, and I never got the chance to share it with the world?!?! That WOULD INDEED be awful.

Then I realized, it HAS happened. The law if averages would almost guarantee that there had been some amazing thing that would have change the course of humanity that was snuffed out because the person the had the idea never was given the opportunity to share it.

The cure for cancer is likely buried in a grave somewhere… The solution to the world’s energy problems might be cleaning toilets somewhere because his parents were not able to buy a house in a good school district. The person that was destine to unite the world’s religions in harmony might be working in a field because she was born in a country where women are not given equal opportunities.

I would gladly sacrifice all of my silly dreams if it would give another person a chance to change the world.

I’m afraid this post has no point other than ask the question; As a society we should make certain that no one is forced to take their gifts to the grave.

I’m not saying “take from the rich and give to the poor.”… But you have to admit, the landscape of our existence would likely be very different of over all of the thousands of years humans have walked the earth, we had somehow found a way to foster each of our strengths.

I think the person that figures out how to solve THAT problem will be able to take the credit for solving almost every other problem from that moment on… And here’s the deep thought….

What if the person that knows how to fix THAT problem is cleaning a toilet somewhere?


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  • Kris | 05 Dec, 2013 GMT -5 | Permalink

    Chris keep your dream alive !! Don’t ever give up !!

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