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Vinny part two…

Just taking a few moments for a quick update.
You might recognize the character in the photo below… He has been nicknamed Vinny by his sculptor.
This is the second version of this character.
While the differences from the first version might be hard to notice from memory, when you see the different versions throughout the haunted house, they will change the emotion the viewer feels when looking at these characters.
This version of Vinny has more of a smirk, and happier eyes… But yet still has that pompous “I’m smarter than you!” look.
If you look hard, you’ll see he finished version one sitting in the background.


2 Responses to “Vinny part two…”
  • Kris Spangler | 02 Dec, 2013 GMT -5 | Permalink

    Opening any time soon ??

  • logan | 03 Mar, 2015 GMT -5 | Permalink

    hey ,Any updates,?, id love to see what’s happening with the project ! also love reading the old blogs!!

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