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The mold is complete…

Sunday, November 25th, 2012 05:41 pm GMT -5

For the past two days – The documentary team plus Beth and I filmed and worked on casting a mold from the sculpture Tim made. Although I did plenty of test runs on other sculptures, I was still a bit nervous about making this mild as once you make the cast – the original is destroyed.

In the end – it worked great. Two days of work followed by 6 hours of clean-up. I hope next week I can do a test pour of the mask to test some paint schemes and hair attachment…

Thanks to the team for their help and support. I normally do not enjoy working with people around – but this particular couple of days has given me reason to rethink that policy….


Well, that’s all for now – more to come soon….

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 07:05 pm GMT -5

I have not even had time to update my blog. My new job requires a lot of attention while I get settled in and get enough people trained so I can take a day off every once and a while!

But while I’ve been busy… Sculptor Tim Diener has been busy getting the final character designs finished up. This is what is great about having more than one person working on the project at the same time – even when progress in my workshop stops, progress in other shops keeps … Well… Progressing!

A week ago, Tim delivered the final sculpt of the “Man on the Cabin Porch” (I really MUST start figuring out real names for these people.)

The final results are far far better than I ever could have imagined they would be. The quality of this sculpture will set the tone for the rest of the scenery, and set the bar high for any other artists that sign onto the project moving forward.

They say a picture is worth… Ya know. So, without any further a du, here are some pictures. I will be working on the mold for this sculpture this weekend. It’s a “all or nothing” thing… If it doesn’t work, then I’ve ruined months of work. (So, I can’t let that happen!)

I’ve run a complete trial run on a sculpture I made. So I feel pretty confident. But there’s always a chance…

Anyhow… Here’s the pics, wish me luck this weekend.