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It’s been a very odd month…

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 10:37 am GMT -5

I know I have dropped off the face of the earth – there’s good reason for it.

In times of turmoil, I have found it best to “circle the wagons” and focus on the matters of most importance.

A week ago, I was dismissed from my “real life” job with no notice. This required me to drop everything I was doing and focus on getting a new job. The bright spot was that I had some people (I cannot say who) that understood the politics of my dismissal and instantly put the word out that I was available. Within 24 hours of my termination – I had an interview set up with a new company for a position with much more potential and far better benefits than my previous job was giving me after 12 years of service!

The moral of the story? Well, you never know when something bad can actually be the best thing for you!

What is also “good” about this particular time is that while I was busy going on interviews, I had a team of people working on other parts of the project….

The filming of the documentary is wrapped up and the editing stage is in process.

The pictures (above and below) are the final interviews that were taped. There has got to be a couple of hours of video to sort through….

While the film was being wrapped up – the sculpting of the characters was started.

While I can be proud of what I can do on my own – hiring a true professional artist was one of the best choices I have ever made. …

This picture (above) is a character that I sculpted, poured and painted on my own. While this would “pass” in a regular amusement park – it is not going to be acceptable for our ride. Below is what it looks like when an artist does the job…

As you can see – you can get a feel for the character just by looking at him… you don’t have to know a thing about him, what he says or the setting he is going to be in… THIS is what an artist can do! I cannot put into words how excited I was to see this!

In other news – I met with the owner of Fright Factory in Philadelphia a week ago and we are discussing the possibility of putting the ride in his existing haunt.

I will fill everyone in more as time permits – but I have to get my new career started out on the right foot first. So till then…


Stay Spooky,