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And now we have a sculptor!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012 11:03 am GMT -5

While filming the documentary we mentioned to Nikolas and Gregg that we were having problems finding a sculptor for the animatronic characters.

Well, as luck would have it – Nikolas Diener’s Father (Tim) is a professional artist!

Here’s some of his work….


We met last weekend and talked about the project,  and what I am looking for in the characters.

I could tell right away that he “felt” what we are looking for and will be a great addition to the Sinister Shadows Project Team!

I have needed someone to do this for me for more than a year – and I now know that waiting for the right person has now paid off.

While I have done an average” job of making masks – I always felt that THIS ONE specific part of the project was more important than anything else because the character faces will be looked at more closely than any other part of the ride. Us humans love to make eye contact – and in order for the rider to “believe” they are communicating with a real creature – it has to look like something believable.

The sculptures I made would be passable with a lot of paint, dark lighting and some facial hair. (There’s a joke about York girls in here somewhere….) but I needed something that far exceeded my ability. And besides, I have a LOT of other things to do. If I took the time to 1) LEarn how to sculpt and then 2) Sculpted the 11+ individual characters I need, the project would be pushed back years.

Now don’t get me wrong – the characters are not going to look like the Animatronic Abe Lincoln from Disney, because the characters don’t have to look human – just “alive”. ( No one would dare say Kermit the Frog looks real… but everyone that have seen him can instantly believe he is a real living thing.)

I am so very excited to see Tim’s interpretation of the “Guy on the cabin porch”.

I will post more at it develops!






My first Company Vehicle! (or “I am going to sweeten the deal!”)

Saturday, September 15th, 2012 08:45 am GMT -5

As a lot of you know – I’ve lost a few employees at my “real” job due to them receiving offers from other companies that I just can’t compete with. One of the offers that people are getting is an automotive allowance or company car.

While I can’t offer that where I work, I can offer it for my business! So – I bought a Ford Taurus and got it all fixed up for the company.


Now how many part time jobs out there will give you a car of your own to drive for free?

I’m still holding out for my “Pepper Potts” or “Charlie Bucket”…  so I wont just hire the first enthusiastic person to come along. But I am hoping that just as I have lost good employees because of strong employment offers, that a great benefits package to work at Sinister Shadows will give me a broader selection of potential employees.

In other news…

Filming on the documentary is finishing up… now moving into the editing stage. From what I hear, I will have nothing to do with that – so I guess I’ll just have to wait to see how it turns out!

This is the busy season for me. Helping people with displays and trying to build things for myself – so updates will be even more spotty than before!

More to follow…..