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Voice Talent Competition! Votes are pouring in!

Saturday, June 30th, 2012 12:27 pm GMT -5

*** I’ve updated the current voting status to show the standings – with notes / feedback I have received about the performances. This is so cool to start to feel like this robot that has been static in my basement is close to coming alive. I can’t wait to post video of it!



I’ve recieved several test reads of my script – and they are all strong performances!

I have the links below so everyone can listen and then vote on your favorite… (just click!)

Voice Test One 21% of the votes. Most comments very positive. Reminds me of Repeat from the Hard Luck Bears! (Click and watch to 1:30)

Voice Test Two 39% of the vote. Sound just like I “heard” this guy in my head! Voice captures the character, but most feel it doesn’t sound like he’s using his “outside” voice in a rain storm.

Voice Test Three 4% of the vote. Sounds a bit too “New York” ish…. Nice voice acting though! He’s got the acting down quite well.

Voice Test Four 26% of the votes. Second place. This guy captures the “urgency and emotion” of the character. I love the inflection here! Although I am not certain he’s for THIS character… there’s another one I can see this for.

Voice Test Five 9% of the votes.  No bad either – I just don’t think right for this character.

Remember: THIS is the guy who’s character we are trying to capture…

Please fill out the box below. Comments / votes will be sent directly to me! While I do already have my personal favorite – I am curious to hear what everyone else things as well!

And if by chance you are an aspiring voice actor – there’s still time to submit your own recording.

Voice Actors Needed…

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 07:52 pm GMT -5

** If I sent you a link to this page, it was not a mistake. I am typing out what I am looking for so you will have a better understanding of the project. 

One of the things the film crew suggested was for me to finish one of my more “grand” props to show what I was capable of doing… and to showcase the development of that prop from concept to construction to finished product.

The choice for me is easy – the construction worker that I’ve been working on for months. This will be a main character to the story line and also a fine piece to showcase everything I can do!

There are a few things I need to get tied up before I am ready to show the world… One of those things is his voice.

I am going to try something new with this part of the project – rather than me limit myself to local voice talent, I am going to use this blog to “point” people to this page and get them to read a few lines of script.

Once the lines are sent to me, I will review the audio files and pick someone to work with for the rest of the dialogue.

So, if you are one of those people, here’s the information on the character:

The guy is a contruction worker. He’s going to look kinda like “Hulk Hogan”. He’s a friendly guy with a normal male voice in my opinion… maybe a little gruff… but not enough to make him sound threatening.

The scene that we are setting is this…

You and some friends are going for a ride in the counrty side. You get lost in a very rural area… and to make things more interesting, the weather gets bad! It starts pouring, and on these dirt roads, it makes travel difficult. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you see flashing yellow lights up ahead… 

 Standing in the rain in front of his “Department of Transportation” truck is a construction worker holding a stop sign.  He waves you over and tells you that the bridge ahead is washed out. You can either turn around, or go down this other dark road…. You end up going down the dark road.

The guy is the kind of guy that will have a smile on his face even when  his world if falling apart. He’s not angry you are out on the road – he’s more concerned for your safety. He is trying to be as polite as possible, and tell you that you can’t continue down the road – but he’s also not completely a ease because he’s standing in the pouring  rain ten feet away from a washed out bridge! There has to be some urgency in his voice, as well as the volume of his voice has to be raised because he going to be trying to talk over the wind, thunder, lightning, and rushing water…

Here’s your lines….

Boy – you folks sure picked a heck of a night to go for a drive!

I hate to tell you this , but the bridge ahead is washed out…  and there’s trees down on the road behind you.

You can either wait here with me ’till road is open, or find another way around.

My partner Zeek drove down that road over there – but I haven’t head from him since… must be having radio problems.

(car starts moving here.)

Well, if you got your mind set on trying… be careful! And if you see Zeek… tell him I need some help back here!


That’s it… send me a reading and I will post the different recording and see who captures the “vision” of this guy the best! Thanks!




New toy ready to ship!

Monday, June 25th, 2012 08:17 pm GMT -5

This is a cool new device custom build for me by DSF robots (dot com) that will be an important part of the ride we are building! (This is also my lazy way of updating my Blog without actually doing anything! 🙂

There’s nothing more cool than an entire scene coming to life… Rather than just have a few props that jump or move, I will have entire ROOMS change as you enter them! Thanks Dave!

On a unrelated topic – I met with the documentary crew today and had a very enlightening meeting.
I will post more as time permits – but for now, they gave me some homework to do that I must start on!

Another quick video update!

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 06:09 pm GMT -5

Take a look!