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Memorial Day Weekend….

Monday, May 28th, 2012 08:45 am GMT -5

I can’t say I  have new and wonderful things to share… I didn’t get several things I was hoping to get… and when they showed up, the creative spirit had left me…

I did manage to get the entire workshop organized and clean. I had enough tools to fill three tool boxes piled all over the place – so I brought in more tool boxes and labled every single drawer in a way that would make Monk proud!

I also managed to get a sculpture done. (Well, almost – again…. waiting on some more materials!)


This is going to be a “large woman” cosmetic that will re-skin my Mitzi Bot from the Rockafire Explosion. She’s was insired by a couple of characters I know… one, Kendra Krinklesack from the Cleveland Show and Trixie from the Country Bear Jamboree in Disney.

While purist will hate the fact that I turned the cute little mouse into a large human – the fact is that all of the original show is going to be re-themed into a new “human” band for the cue of the haunted house ride… And I had to start somewhere.

As you can see – the character is going to be more of a caricature than realistic. I am doing this to keep the “spirit” of the ride a lot lighter and friendly. This will completly fly in the face of every other haunted house attraction that tries to get you anxious before you even get on the ride. Since I plan on my ride being quite long (15 minutes +/-) there will be plenty of time to get people anxious once they climb into one of the cars…

Now, time to enjoy the last day of vacation….


Turn the Page…

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 07:53 pm GMT -5

Today, I received my very first real check from an outside client for a project I was working on.

I got to reflecting on the haunted house project and the odd path it took to get that check. (Incidentally – I never expected to do side work, but it appears to be something I am good at and not many people do this type of work.)

I never could have planned any of this – and lord knows what is ahead… but it’s been kinda cool.

Anyhow – since I am celebrating a milestone tonight, I thought it would be interesting to show you some of the logo concept are that George Migash created for me at the very beginning…


The date these were created was Sunday, October 03, 2004 at 8:32 am! So it’s been a while… and I still LOVE my logo.

I’ve got a week of vacation next week, so I’m going to be posting some new stuff. Till then…


Take stock in me!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 05:06 pm GMT -5

Super quick update…
Got my official “company package” in the mail today. It came with and official seal and even stock!

I’m not so sure how stock works … But if anyone wants to buy some of these cool sheets of paper stamped with a cool stamp… I’ll be happy to sell you as many as you like!

Just send me money and I’ll handle the rest *evil grin*

I’m a little pissed right now because I just spent $1500 to make $1000 (I lost $500 for those of you bad with math… Perhaps it might be wise to wait before you line up to buy my stock!) so I’m gonna indulge in some non-animatronic spirits (Jack Daniels) and exorcize some demons (not even gonna decode that for you! Lol).

So much to do …. I don’t even know where to start. I’m excited to have next week off to just be creative.

Is it too early to be drunk ?



Done! (again…)

Saturday, May 12th, 2012 05:41 pm GMT -5

I am finally finished the billboard mannequin project! But this is also the third time I said this! I am learning how difficult it is to build something for another person when the picture in their head might be very different than the picture in my head.

Each finished item has turned out exactly the way I imagined it, but always not exactly what the client envisioned. This last time the client didn’t like the dark clothing that the original one had on. This time I went to the extreme!

I can’t make it any brighter than this! The video may not be able to convey just how bright this is… The color is called chartreuse. (it’s a fancy name for fluorescent yellow.)

This is also a test of a suggestion my friend Pete made which should make my videos able to be viewed by anyone… Plus it will save space on my server.

The only concern I have is wondering just how long will YouTube be around… And what would happen to my videos if YouTube ever shuts down… Oh well, I’ve got bigger things to worry about in my life right now!
My desk is now cleared and workshop has nothing in it but space for projects of mine.

I just started working on this years Halloween display. I am thinking that it will be the best way for me to get some free media coverage and showcase what kind of things I can build.

I am still looking for a sculptor, a shop helper, and anyone with a love for this kind of thing. The project is at the point when I could use a full time employee, but yet am not generating the income to afford one.
The next few weeks should be very interesting….