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I learned a lot…

Sunday, February 26th, 2012 02:44 pm GMT -5

This is why I am so glad that I attempted this BEFORE I paid someone to professionally sculpt a mask for me…


Here’s what I learned:

1) Never work on a project that takes patience when you are hungover and grumpy!

2) When you “feel” something isn’t right… do more than double your effort… triple and quadruple. (I knew the mold was too thin – so I made a few layers… even so, it was STILL eggshell thin in some areas. Look at the picture in the “12 O’clock” position.)

3) Use burlap to reinforce the molds. (Incidentally – I new this already – but didn’t feel like going out to get any!)

4) Use a release agent.

I still feel I can save the mold to at least make a new plug so I can start over… It broke into some pretty big pieces which I cleaned up and glued back together…

Now the mask will just have a line that will need  to be removed – of I can just add a back-story to the character that explains why he’s got a scar on his face 🙂

This is the mold glued together and with some clay to help hold it together … I didn’t bother posting a picture, but I wrapped the mold in burlap and re-plastered it one more time to make it a little stronger. Now I just have to let the moisture evaporate from the plaster so it will cure better once I pour the latex in. Wish me luck….

Rolling the dice…

Saturday, February 25th, 2012 06:21 pm GMT -5

I was thinking –

I keep looking for someone to sculpt the character masks for me so that I can make the cosmetic molds… but I was thinking that once I pay someone to make the “perfect” sculpture… what happens if I screw up / damage the piece ehile casting the master mold? Then I’d have to start (and pay) all over again.

So, I decided to finish the sculpture I have been working on by myself and do a “test run” on the process I feel will be the best way of making masks. That way, should I ruin this – it’s only my first attempt anyway – and it only cost me the time I had in it.

I added a dam around the face to hold more plaster and make a suitable mounting edge for the future insert… I strapped it to what I am now calling my “casting table”. My casting table is a plastic work bench that I can easily chip plaster and other materials off of. It has lots of holes I can use to mount and tire things to, that way  I don’t have any accidental drops. And last but not least, I took and old jigsaw and zip tied it firmly to the frame. When plugged in – it causins enough vibration to eliminate air pockets in the mask or mold I am pouring…

I have to make a couple seperate passes with the plaster, as it doesnt take very long for it to set…

Once done, I cut it loose and put a small fan on it to help pull the moisture from the plaster…

Next I started pullnig some of the clay from inside the mold. The clay at room tempature is quite hard – so I am gonig to have to warm it up a bit, but I have to wait till the plaster is dry so I don’t crack ro damage the mold… then all would be lost!

I hope in the next day or so I can get the sculpture pulled out and a test pour made to see how the mold works… I’ll post more soon!


More Storyboard Art

Friday, February 17th, 2012 06:33 pm GMT -5

Had a very productive meeting with Elia today. There’s so much going on that my head is spinning. …
My “real” job is getting very busy, and the good news is my new assistant is doing a fantastic job of stepping up and letting me do what I do best.

Anyhow ,

I’m retooling my plan ( as I always seem to be) and selling all of my old Showbiz / rockafire stuff and putting every minute I can spare into the haunted house plan.
Elia is done with most of the story board art and is now working on a fund raising poster I hope to be able to market. keep an eye out on my eBay auctions if you are looking for any old Showbiz or CEI stuff… I’m clearing out the warehouse!

Ok… So I gotta get my ass to bed as this is my weekend on duty.
More to come… Soon!


My Favorite Christmas Gift… part two!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 05:17 pm GMT -5

My favorite Christmas gift every year is from the Department of Agriculture… a renewal notice for the Dark Ride Registration.

My SECOND favorite Christmas gift is when I get the actual registration plate sticker in the mail… and I just got it!

This little sticker is what makes this project “real” to me. Every year is renews my spirit the way Spring makes everyone feel just a little bit more “alive”.

I’ve started to look for a workshop / storage building. My hope is that sometime mid-year I will be finally able to afford a large enough space to keep the ride and start building and testing some of the larger props I need to build. I am about as far as I can go with stuff that will fit in my basement!