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Saturday, December 17th, 2005 09:47 pm GMT -5

Final Update for 2005! December 17th 2005

It’s always the little things: The wait is over! We finally performed a full-scale test of the ride system on December 17th. Now that we’re done with 1244 feet of track, 10 transformers, 12 cars & 1 control panel – what better way to test the system than to install it somewhere? Luck for us we work at a car dealership with a huge shop. Because we were open for actual business that day – we were not able to install the entire ride, but enough to perform a realistic install to see how things would go.

 Only one problem came up. It turns out that most black rubber has a component in it that conducts electricity… not a lot, but enough to cause a problem when you have a lot of amps pushing through it. So, we have a few (800+) pieces of insulation to replace before the ride is used… but that’s why we perform test like this – right?!?

They Spin! They Spin!

 We also can report that we tested one of the cars that were designed to spin – but had all the spinning parts removed. We were able to restore four of them thanks to the cars that originally were in a fire and not used for 15(?) years. Since they were un-useable, they had the original parts still on them. With a little effort we were able to make the cars spin again. Now our ride will have re-play value so riders can experience two very different rides – one dark ride and a dark thrill ride.

 As far as we know – we have the only Pretzel Ride left in the WORLD where the cars can spin. (Click on the picture to the right to see what it looks like.) Yes, they turn a bit slow… but remember, there are still rub-bars that we haven’t installed that spin the cars and when you are in the dark, the motion feel more disorienting.

 Onward: The plans for 2006 will be to finally get to work on the props, stunts and cosmetic parts of the ride. These items will be used in our annual home-haunt to test their durability. Please come back and check on us from time to time… and please feel free to send us any suggestion you have about what YOU would like to see in a Haunted House Ride!

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Beth and Chris Giffen


CLICK on the picture to see a

Spinning Pretzel Car in action!