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July 25th, 2005

Monday, July 25th, 2005 09:37 pm GMT -5

Update July 25h 2005

Since we’ve been working on this project for a year – we thought it would be nice to show all of you just how far the project has come.

 To the right, you can see what the ride cars looked like when we took possession of them. The picture to the far right shows the very same car frame after being restored. Remember, we did more than just paint these things. They were one big solid piece of rust. Each part had to be carefully and painstakingly removed and repaired.

 Note the repairs done to the bumpers… we did that by hand!

  Can you spot the other big difference?


 If you are still looking at the picture, the difference between the two is the addition of a transformer to the frame of the vehicle. Other Pretzel car rides put the transformer under the seat. The problem with putting them under the seat is that due to the wiring, the cars couldn’t spin. With our new design – these cars will once again “unlock” at a certain part of the ride and give the riders an experience unlike any ride on the market today.

Update September 13, 2005

    Time for a little update and some shameless bragging…

This is a picture of our completed ride control and dispatch station. I am especially proud of this because it was made completely from stock bar and sheet metal. The switches were obviously purchased from a supplier – but other than that, this was entirely hand made.

 The control panel is made to be portable, and can quickly be connected and disconnected from the ride. It is watertight and weather proof. It also has it’s own build-in transformer so that the only voltage outside of the enclosure is the 24v the ride runs on. Since the internal transformer makes this panel weigh over 100 pounds – it also has a build in dolly system so that it can be easily rolled around.

 One final note: On the side is the official Pa Amusement Ride Registration Plate, which makes this the first and only class 2 ride in PA that was built by an individual instead of a commercial company.

 As we have said before, the goal is to have our entire track finished by October 31st of this year – a date that is quickly approaching. We’re running into other issues we never thought about as well – like where can you store a ride that was built to fill the majority of a 10,000 square foot building? This issue is one that will need to be addressed before the township I live in comes up with an ordinance to address the issue for me!

 On a final note: The Halloween season this year carries mixed emotions for me. I am sorry and sad to say that this is the first year we will not be having a home display for the enjoyment of the neighborhood and to support a charity. This project demands our complete and total attention. However, I will say that next year – our display will be introducing the new props that will be used in the actual ride. We are all looking forward to ending the engineering part of this project – and starting with the creative part. …

 “ Now that that’s done – all that’s left to do is everything!”

July 17th 2005

Sunday, July 17th, 2005 09:26 pm GMT -5

Update July 17th 2005

 It’s officially one year since we became owners of a Pretzel Ride, and what better way to celebrate than our first official test of one of the cars. Over the past year, we came up with a few modifications to make the cars a little more reliable and easier to set up. A lot of our ideas came from the time we spent at William’s Grove Amusement Park rebuilding their dark-ride. (For more on this project, CLICK HERE.)

  With the help of my (very brave) Son, we finally got to see one of the cars move under their own power. (Click on the picture to the LEFT to see the video.) After a year of set backs and challenges, it was a real motivator to take a ride (even a short one) in one of the cars. We were surprised just how “forgiving” the track was, considering the driveway we were testing on was anything but flat.

 As work continues on the 1000 feet of new track, we are also restoring an additional 400 feet of old track we acquired in an Ebay auction. We also have managed to come up with enough spare parts to make a few more useable cars.

 The current plan is to get the ride transport system finished by October of this year, so that we can spend next year getting the props and cosmetic parts fixed up. The goal is to make the ride able to be installed in less than a day’s time. This will enable us to save a lot on rent cost when the ride is not generating income. This should also make the ride more appealing to more potential landlords as we can be out just as quickly as we set up – without any residual damages or modifications to the property.  We will test this ability by setting up the entire ride, running it for eight hours and then taking it down the next day at a local business that has offered to let us use some space for a weekend. We will let you know how that works at a later time.

 For now, It’s time for us to go celebrate our project’s one-year anniversary! Thanks for all the support and help from all of our fans out there… Without all the volunteer help, this project would not be as far as it is.