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August 22, 2004

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004 08:41 pm GMT -5

Update August 22, 2004

 Well, it’s been another frustrating week – however, we feel like we have accomplished a lot. First off, we were given a lot of good advice from Tom Gore – he’s the guy that owned these cars before the last owners. With him guiding our direction – we feel better than ever about the success of this project. This week we have made the final decision to change the tracking system of these cars. As it turns out – if you modify the track , you better have an engineering degree to back up the modifications. (Which we don’t have) So, we’re stuck using the old 12 lb rail.

 As far as other news goes – we are almost done with our “monster” project for the Haunted House. The last video we will release before Halloween is now online in the PROJECTS section. Take a look and let us know what you think. We have also been getting mail asking us just how we intend on having this ride ready in time for next year. Apparently, because of the photos posted above, everyone thinks this ride is some rusted old piece of junk. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth!

  The pictures above are of the parts-cars that we are salvaging to build new cars, and to use as test vehicle with our new track idea. The fully restored vehicles are in great condition! Here are a couple of pictures we took on one of our visits to the storage area. Every once and a while, we like to go and sit in the cars and imagine what it will be like when they move on their own again. This is only half of the vehicle we have (There are six of cars “ready to go”.) but as you can see they look just fine – and hold three people comfortably. From this point on, we will not have updates too frequently as we need to prepare for this year’s Halloween.  

 But we will continue to post information here when we feel we have done something newsworthy. If we don’t talk to you before – Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

August 14th 2004

Saturday, August 14th, 2004 08:30 pm GMT -5

Update August 14, 2004

Well, we went to a place called William’s Grove Amusement park to do some research. They have a ride system just like ours working there, and they are only 45 min away from our house. When we got there – the place was empty.. With a few bucks – they could fix it up, but that obviously was not their concern. Most of these little “mom and pop” parks take a lot just to keep working… so upgrading is usually at the bottom of the list. We did find that the modification we are thinking about doing to our ride have already been done to this ride! So I guess our idea will work.  


 While we were there, I also had the pleasure of going through my first authentic fun house with moving floors, all of which were working perfectly! What a joy. It was a lawsuit waiting to happen – but it was FUN! I even tried to go through the spinning barrel at the exit – the results of which you can see in the picture below.

  As you can see – I need some more practice on the barrel!  Anyway – back to our project news. Rick Davis will be sad to hear that there is no way to get the original cars spinning. The new transformers are mounted under the seats, and the wires come up through the floor of the car. Any spinning of the car would twist and then tear out the wiring within seconds. The GOOD news is that we found all of the ORIGINAL parts are still available through Grainger Catalog, so the six “good” cars we have will soon be joined by the four “bad” ones we were about to toss. We even have plans to modify the two frames we are rebuilding to (brace yourself Rick) spin! Since we are starting from the ground up with our own cars, we will be able to place the transformers wherever we like… and maybe even squeeze an extra space for seating in the car as well. Although this is all very exciting, we still have yet to find a place to put this ride. Without a location – this project can never become reality.



I will leave this on a positive note: Even though the park was aged, and the fact that 90% of the ride props were not working correctly. Dante’s Inferno had the longest line of any ride in the park. So, for those of you asking how much draw a facility like this can have – just look at the picture. Now imagine those people paying $5.00 a ride, times 120 riders an hour. And this is not even Halloween season yet. Add on top of that the fact that our ride will have two different types of cars running on the same track, now you have “replay” value… plus… er… never mind. I’ll keep some of the stuff a secret.